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"Hello, I just have to say that I've been using your products for several years now and LOVE them.  Keep producing great products!! Thanks!"
 - Linda Wilkie

"Sure did miss those spiedies when we moved to the Denver area 16 years ago from Endwell, NY. No such thing as spiedies out here. We're so glad we can get this awesome spiedie sauce delivered here!" Jcline85 - Highlands Ranch, CO

"We live NC and often have family "import" spiedies to us from NY. A few years ago my uncle brought us a bottle of lemon garlicious sauce - we are now obsessed/addicted/in love - on chicken and especially on fish! so, for our 3rd wedding anniversary, I have ordered a case of 12 bottles for my wonderful (NC born) husband!!!" - Becca S. Wilmington, NC

"Moved to South Carolina about 10 years ago from Buffalo NY. Have enjoyed your products even down here after finding them in a local store. Speaking to Rob last week was wonderful and reassured us that his products will even be better with all the updates. It is good to find a company that takes the time to explain and make you feel special. Thank you Rob for a Wonderful Product." - Cheryl J. - Spartanburg, SC

"I was raised in NY, upstate that is, and I love Spiedie Sauce.  Not just on meat, but everything like portabello mushrooms, chicken and pork.  Living in the South East part of FL – a real multicultural area – it’s proud to offer a taste of food from the place you grew up." - Doug and Yoli

"Our family loves Spiedie sauce, we use it on everything, from spaghetti or a nice juicy piece of beef sauteed in spiedie sauce with green peppers and onions is always a favorite. 15 years ago we came across spiedie sauce and found the flavor just delicious since then its all we cook with adding it as salad topping to creating our own recipes to hand down. I steam with rice a lot.  Spiedie sauce adds additional flavor to any meat dish. Chicken, rice and broccoli are one of a couple spiedie favorites around here.  Adding a few small carrots is always great for color in the dish also. " - Tammie K.

"Just wanted to let you know how much we like your original spiedie sauce.  We are having it this weekend with venison backstrap it smells so good I think we could eat it raw, keep mixing you have the best!" -John L. - Mexico, NY

"You folks absolutely must distribute Spiedies to the Boston area. I've been getting it from a friend who travels to NY every summer. The problem is that once friends and family try this stuff, they demand a bottle for themselves and my supply is quickly diminished. All it would take is a Spiedies demo at the grocery store I shop at and I will guarantee Spiedies will be an instant success. This stuff is on a different playing field than the other store-bought marinades. I've done barbeques with 30+ people and various types of meats. Without exception, people always ask what type of marinade the Spiedies meat is covered in. If you're looking for someone to push this stuff in Boston, I'll do it. It's the easiest sale on earth because the sauce does all the talking. Thanks very much for a great product." - J. Banks, Boston, MA

"Salute!  I have been using spiedie sauce since 1975 and recommending as the only way of preparing a venison kabob.  It is without a doubt the finest marinade to grace this famiy’s palate…Don’t change a thing!"- Anthony M

"Was born and raised in Binghamton.  Moved to FL in ’94.  Whenever I come up to Bingo I get some sauce and bring it down.  I just made some chicken that I marinated and Everybody loved it.  Can you see if Sam’s Club can start carrying it down here?" - Linda Bernard 

"Native of Corning, had moved south in ’94 to find a job.  Your sauces are a godsend in this land of grits and pulled pork!  I would like to see more of your products on our store shelves (we can only get the Spiedie sauce, would love to get the chicken too!)"- Todd Serdula

"I am from PA and love your sauce, but you can’t get it anywhere down here, so we are going to have to order some online soon." - Jason W.

"I really love your Chicken BBQ sauce.  It is the best I have ever had.  I am from NY, lived in PA and I could still get it there, but not in Virginia.  I just recently ordered a case of all the marinades!" - Chrissy

"We love the Lemon Garlicious!  We have one bottle and want to know where in NH or MA we could find more!  We don’t use enough to buy a whole case, but would want to buy a couple bottles.  Thank you and congratulations on an excellent product." - Mary White

"I was never so happy when I saw Salamida’s Spiedie Sauce on the shelf at the Rockland, ME Shop n Save.  I told all my friends how great it was.  Whenever we visit the Southern Tier we have always brought Spiedie Sauce back with me." - Beatrice Wright

"Formerly of Johnson City, I’ve been away for 14 years and every time I come home I have “orders” to bring back Salamida’s sauce.  These southerners thought they had the market cornered with BBQ, until I brought Salamida’s to town.  They can’t get enough of it.  Thanks for making a great marinade." - Joe Corcoran,Virginia Beach, VA

"Love the spiedie sauce and use it on EVERYTHING!" - Kristen Gerling, West Grove, PA

"I bring back several of your bottles every time I visit Binghamton.  I wish it was sold in our supermarkets here in Washington.  There is a front page article in the Food section of yesterday’s Washington Post, your website address was in that." - Don Colodny, Washington, DC

"I am from the Binghamton area and I moved to PA and boy do I miss chicken spiedies.  I always have to bring some back with me and this Christmas my mom gave me a gift pack with all the sauces so I can make some here.  You need to open up a shop down here in PA.  Keep up the good work." - April, Harrisburg, PA

"Business took me to Binghamton and someone told me to try a spiedie and it was an instant love.  I get requests from everyone to make it all the time." - Chris D’Anniballe, Brewster, OH

"I love your Spiedie Sauce.  My husband is from Binghamton, NY and I had never heard of such a thing, but he introduced it to me and now I can’t live without it!  As a matter of fact, he can’t either." - Anna McMahon, Watkinsville, GA

"I am a big fan of the Pinch product.  I’ve ordered it for my own personal use for about 3 years now.  I use it on steak, chicken, pork and spaghetti and none of them ever tasted better.  Every time I place an order my neighbors all call me up to ask me if I’m splitting the order with them this time." - Melissa Byrd, Syracuse, NY

"We have lived all over the world and nothing tastes like a spiedie!  From sneaking out at midnight as a little kid just to get a spidie at a local bar and grill to now in DC where our favorite food is still spiedies! "- Pete and Diana Theodore, Washington DC

"No spiedies in Georgia, Boo Hoo!  SO glad you have this website. - Shelly Paris Riden, Marietta, GA

"I found your sauce in one of our local grocery stores, but haven’t been able to locate it again.  I’m just glad that I remembered your company’s name.  Your sauce is outstanding." - Edward Baer, Hershey, PA

"Thank goodness you have a website!  I’ve been all over this city looking for your State Fair Spiedie Sauce.  There is absolutely no better sauce for marinating chicken."- D. McRorie,Chicago, IL

"I have been using your Pinch dry rub seasoning for the last 5-6 years and I don’t believe that there is a finer seasoning on the market today.  I may try others, but I always end up using your brand.  It’s the greatest.  I just order via your 800 number a case of Pinch and I give some to my special relatives.  They all love it too!" - David S., Moon Twp., PA

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