The Rob Salamida Company, Inc.

Our Company: Production Services

Our production facility consists of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and custom-made equipment.  With multiple production lines and stations, our primary focus has always been on product consistency and quality with the ability for flexible turnaround time for private label customer needs.

One reason why our sauces are different is because our production methods are designed differently than most manufacturers.  Rather than working on high volume mixes, we utilize a small-batch system that assures greater blend qualities.  This “smaller is better, just like homemade,” method is used to promote a higher level of flavor consistency in every bottle we produce. 

Our ingredients are always supplied from the most reputable companies in the industry.  We do not “shop” for a better price through middlemen, but instead, buy directly from the nation’s main producers of raw food commodities such as soybean oil and concentrated vinegars.  We deal with the most reputable importers of spices and herbs who have the highest standards in anti-bacterial processing.

We welcome inquiries for private label product development and production for members of the food industry.  Contact us today for more information.

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