The Rob Salamida Company, Inc.

Our Company: Mission, Vision & Values

“Our Pride is Inside” could be the best way to describe the philosophy of our company.  Starting a business soon after college is a challenge in many ways and the early vision Rob Salamida had was to grow slowly and solidly.  His conservative approach has brought the consumer a unique selection of products that receive accolades every year as people try them and spread the word as to how good they are.

Naming the business was an important initial step when he started, and acting on his grandfather’s solemn advice that “nothing is as important as your family name and reputation,” young Rob Salamida decided from the start to put his name literally behind his products.  From the start, a reputation for exceeding the expectations of customers is no doubt the reason why millions of bottles have been sold since 1976.  The favorite advertising slogan to the grilling public has been, “Before you start the fire, start the flavor with Salamida’s State Fair Sauces.”

You can call the company and ask to speak to Rob Salamida directly to make a comment, ask a question, or voice a concern if needed, on any of the products we make.

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