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Cook's Nook: Barbeque Planner

Planning an event and need some help? Here's your one stop guide to make sure all your party event planning needs are met!

When the weather is right, it means it's time to bring out the grill from the garage, fire it up and get yourself ready for the famous barbeque your friends and family have been waiting all year long for.  And with the help of your barbeque planner you can wave your stress goodbye and let you enjoy yourself for once. 

Here is your check list to keep you on top of things and to make your event the talk of the town.

Theme and D├ęcor

If having a large barbeque or event, consider having a theme to add some fun and excitement to your barbeque.  Hawaiian is always a hit, and invite your guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt to commemerate the experience.  Palm leaves and tiki torches and add your barbeque that flare tof special festivity.

Food and drink

The reason why they're all coming!  Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand for those hot summer days to keep you and your guests hydrated.  Keep in mind, if there will be some kids, you might want to consider a table for just the kids too. Be sure to check out our Marinating & Grilling Tips.

Number of guests

Based on the number of guests you are catering to will determine the size of the menu.


Give people a reminder or an invite about your barbeque.  This is a good way to inform them of any theme you might be planning as well as any special attire that might be recommended.


Keep in mind if you're having kids over, you may need something to entertain them as well.  A pool is always fun but if that's not availble gather some games for the kids.

The Experience

Make sure that the guests have a memorable barbeque full of fun, excitement, and enjoyment.  Remember this is a time for you to enjoy yourself, that's what the barbeque is all about!

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